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Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management (APM) has been an evolving service over the past few years with a number of product offerings being developed and enhanced by software vendors. We help clients select and configure toolsets to provide:

  •   Faster IT service fault identification
  •   End to end user response monitoring
  •   Enhanced service management dashboards

Typical client drivers:

  • I need to predict the future and get it right, before the first user clicks.
  • My customers are real people, not random samples. To keep them happy, I need to make every visit count.
  • I don’t have time for scavenger hunts. I need to zero in on the detail and fix the problem fast

End-user experience monitoring: 

  • detect performance issues, report on satisfaction levels and identify the business impact in terms of location and number of users affected

Application runtime architecture discovery and modelling: 

  • availability, performance and capacity planning of the application platform

Business Transaction  Management: 

  • real-time monitoring in context of business operations related directly to application transactions and the underlying technology

-  Application component deep-dive monitoring: 

  • fault domain isolation and diagnostic to identify the root cause of performance issues within the application components (i.e. .Net, Java, SAP, component levels)

Application data analytics: 

  • optimise business operations with Meta data providing trends, insights and behavioural information about customer or end-user activities