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Virtual CISO

For enterprises, maintaining a central CISO function can be justified based on the large number of IT services provided by the client. For medium and small clients the cost justification to have a permanent CISO function can be hard to justify even with the level of security risks in the current environment.

To alleviate this issue ENS are offering a Virtual CISO service whereby we provide experienced security consultants to asses you risk level and propose appropriate controls and procedures to reduce your security exposure.

There is no one day without reading in the the news about Cybersecurity incidents somewhere in the world resulting in millions of dollars or loss of reputation.  Although there has been a lot of effort put into being ahead of hackers, most SMBs are behind on protecting their information assets. There are two major reasons; either lack of awareness of the importance of a security function in the organisation or lack of resources.

 Upon the realisation of this gap, we got together and started looking into addressing the issues we have seen in organisations of all sizes, from small to enterprise.  

Many salespeople will try selling you products claiming to be the silver bullet in protecting businesses. We know for fact there is no silver bullet. Information security in general, and cyber security in particular, must be implemented end-to-end. That only means one thing, there are multiple controls that need to be carefully designed, implemented, monitored and improved to provide any business with adequate protection. 

What we can promise is to be with you every step of the way, assessing the existing security posture, identifying requirements, defining adequate controls, implementation of the controls, monitoring and measuring effectiveness of controls, and last but most importantly, improving the controls.